Trinity Travel LLC

Lynn Nauman

Specialties: Ocean Cruising, River Cruising, Group and Faith-Based Travel, Israel, Mexico

My passion for travel began in 1979, my first time outside the US, when I was able to visit six European countries in three weeks!  A few years later, I took my first cruise on and fell in love with visiting different ports from the comfort of my cruise ship.  Through the years, I have been fortunate to have traveled all over the world and experienced many incredible destinations.  My life has been changed by the people I've met, history I've learned, food I've tasted and unexpected experiences I've encountered on my journeys.   As much as I like planning my own trips, I am even more excited about helping others experience new destinations, adventures and cultures.   I know and understand what it takes to plan and execute a seamless and memorable journey   As we plan your trip, I'll give you options that include "must-see" sights and add off-the-beaten-path experiences, based on your preferences.  There is a whole world out there for you to discover. I have the experience and expertise to help you "unpack" all there is to see and do. I'm looking forward to creating a trip you will remember for a lifetime!

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